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The Definitive List Of Every Popular Crypto Trader on Twitter

The Types of Crypto Twitter Accounts We'll Be Looking At

For this blog post we have trawled through the Twitter-verse and compiled a list of the most popular crypto traders on Twitter who have the biggest amount of followers and consquently the biggest amount of reach and influence.

Every Twitter account below has at least 50,000 followers and their tweets significantly revolve around crypto trading, price charting (ChartStar's speciality) and technical analysis.

You will note in the accounts listed below we are majorly focused on crypto trading meaning fan favourites such as VitalikButerin or rogerkver don't make the cut for this article! We'll be keeping this article freshly updated with new accounts we become aware of in response to this being published!

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Our Top Picks For Trading Twitter Accounts

Ranked in no particular order:


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